Covid-19 / Corona: Emergency Remote Access


beyond SSL provides enterprises at risk or businesses wanting to take precautions, with a cost-free, fully working version of SparkView.

Until Sept. 30th 2020, SparkView ICE offers remote access from any end device with a browser, no matter which operating system or hardware platform is used.

The greatest benefit of SparkView lies within its simplicity. No additional software is needed – neither on the client, nor on the target system. Complex rollouts lapse and the pre-existing security and firewall settings do not have to be modified. The installation of SparkView takes place on commercial servers or VMs inside the enterprise. Usually, our clients go live within 60 – 90 minutes.

In case of emergency, your employees can work from home in no time and without a loss of productivity.

Register here and receive a download link to get your free version of SparkView. For further information about SparkView, please visit our website.

SparkView ICE – In case of emergency

  • United against loss of productivity through Covid-19 („Corona“)
  • Free, fully functional version of SparkView
  • Complete go live within 60 – 90 minutes
  • Flexible, stable and scalable
  • Professional support from beyond SSL
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