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  • Secure cloud backup for businessSecure cloud backup for business
  • Backup for devices, servers and applicationsBackup for devices, servers and applications
  • Online backup for maximum protectionOnline backup for maximum protection

BackUpEverything – the cloud backup solution

The administration of sensible data, stored on various devices and drives, has become more difficult to handle than ever before. Millions of businesses realize that the traditional systems which are used to secure, access and share their digital data are not suitable for today’s business processes any longer. Since the digital world is becoming more and more complex, even many small companies will be confronted with the reality of failing hard drives and devices rather sooner than later.

On this account, every business needs a data backup and recovery plan. New technologies, which are able to secure and recover critical digital assets, are now proving to be essential for the protection of companies of any size. The most industrial statistics show that nearly half (45%) of computer users either suffer from a loss of data due to computer theft, failure or other disasters. For most users it is not about the “if” but rather the “when“.

Benefits of BackUpEverything

  • Easy administration of sensible data
  • Various ways of authentication
  • Secure for Windows, Mac, Linux, VMware and Hyper-V
  • Free local and external backups
  • Automated backup
  • High security
  • Full compliance of legal provisions
  • Specification of storage period for more flexibility
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BackUpEverything – storage of your data at ISO-certified data centers

With BackUpEverything we offer you a cloud backup solution with which data from servers, desktops, laptops (no matter if Windows, Linux or Mac), VMware, Hyper-V and cloud applications like Office 365 & G-Suite can be encrypted and secured.

BackUpEverything most likely is the most versatile, user friendly and cost-effective backup solution on the market. Additionally, our solution meets the requirements of the GDPR and HIPAA. The customer data is stored in ISO 27001 certified computer centers.

Cloud-based solutions like BackUpEverything with which stored data can be securely accessed online and collectively used by authorized persons, are leading to a massive increase in productivity, since important information that was formerly located on single hard drives and servers can be made accessible to coworkers as well as external partners.

BackUpEverything – cloud service and support for businesses

We at beyond SSL support you with the integration of the cloud service BackUpEverything and make sure that you can access your data securely and on a long-term basis. Feel free to contact us any time.

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    Our happy customers

    Mechanical Engineering, > 5.000 employees

    In beyond SSL, we have a powerful and competent partner at our side, who supports us even in difficult situations – fast, flexibly and pragmatically.

    Mechanical Engineering, > 5.000 employees

    Hans Blädel, ip5 GmbH, Nuremberg

    In less than an hour, my customers were able to work from their home office and beyond SSL’s support was sensational.

    Hans Blädel, ip5 GmbH, Nuremberg

    Thoralf Geese, SMA Solary Technology AG

    Dank der Proof of Concept (PoC) Methode wurde die Software bei uns installiert und wir konnten sofort sehen, wie einfach das Programm zu handhaben ist. Das erleichterte uns die Entscheidung enorm.

    Thoralf Geese, SMA Solary Technology AG