SparkView for the home office

SparkView allows remote access via HTML5. The Secure Remote Access solution works with any browser, no VPN client needs to be installed and everything runs via a server. Complex software rollouts are completely eliminated and client support is reduced to an absolute minimum. Local printing is also possible without additional driver installation. In addition, SparkView can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures.

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Home office or mobile work - it makes no difference to SparkView

With SparkView, your connection to central systems and applications is up and running within 60 minutes, and there's no need for a complex VPN connection. Employees do not need expensive laptops, but work easily from any end device with a browser, e.g. significantly cheaper Chromebooks. Another benefit that should not be underestimated is that data remains on the systems in the company and only screen content is transferred to the client. This not only reduces bandwidth requirements, but also increases data security. The connection is comparable to terminal operation.

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How does SparkView work?

SparkView is the simplest, most cost-effective and secure way to provide remote access to employees, partners and customers. Since no additional software needs to be installed on either the end devices or the target systems, the costs for rollouts and client maintenance are minimal. Through the use of HTML5 technology, SparkView is also ideally suited for BYOD scenarios. Access is via the browser, so any end device with a browser can also be used. Whether notebooks, desktops, tablets, Chromebooks, thin clients or smartphones are used is irrelevant for the use of SparkView.

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SparkView benefits

No complex VPN

Uncomplicated, scalable as required

Works with any browser

Adopts existing security settings

Very quickly applicable

Offers a lot of functionality

Is SparkView a good fit for my business?

SparkView is used across an enormous range (from SMB to global corporations) and in a wide variety of infrastructures. Whether you are already working with another VPN provider, or want to use SparkView as your sole remote access point, it doesn't matter. Our technology alliances with F5, or Pulse Secure/Ivanti show that we can cover the area of remote access excellently in any case and also harmonize with other manufacturers.

In addition, due to the simple handling, the desired benefit for your company becomes demonstrable within a very short time. Test setups (POCs) are feasible with little effort (usually less than an hour) and SparkView can be put through its paces by you. During the test phase and in live operation, personal access to our support is available to you at all times. There are no call center queues with us.

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Happy customers

„During inspections by the BSI, an energy supplier was confronted with the fact that dedicated RDP ports for remote access were to be closed. An alternative was sought which, in conjunction with the FUDO PAM already in use, would meet the requirements for KRITIS. SparkView was chosen to enable high-performance remote access without having to open RDP ports. At the same time, with SparkView all functions of the FUDO PAM can continue to be used without adjustments.“

Matthias Buntz CTL Computertechnik Lang (beyond SSL Partner)

„Thanks to the Proof of Concept (PoC) method, the software was installed at our company and we could immediately see how easy the program was to use. This made the decision much easier for us.“

Thoralf Geese SMA Solary Technology AG

„After less than an hour, my customers could already work from their home office and the support from beyond SSL was sensational!“

Hans Blädel ip5 GmbH, Nuremberg

„With beyond SSL, we have a strong and competent partner at our side who supports us quickly, flexibly and pragmatically, even in difficult situations.“

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