SparkView for Fudo

Next Level PAM: Fudo and SparkView

Fudo is a Privileged Access Management (PAM) appliance which allows full control over remote sessions. Tracking live sessions with a browser, adding an administrator to the session or the proactive monitoring including the automatic termination of a running connection – the Fudo PAM offers many functions.

Additionally, the solution includes a business tool for the measurement of a user’s productivity and hour-long sessions can be scanned within seconds via full-text search. The Fudo PAM is a GDPR-compliant appliance that closes the security gap in many businesses, while offering an added value.

Supported protocols include SSH, Telnet, RDP, VNC, Oracle, MySQL, HTTP(S), Modbus and many more. Additional benefits of the technology leader Fudo:

  • Interface independence
  • Fast installation (only one day)
  • Flexible, intuitive, scalable
  • No player or plug-in needed
  • Central Secure-Access-Gateway without a VPN-Client
  • All-inclusive package, no hidden costs, all-in-one license
  • Fast proof-of-concept installation

Benefits of SparkView

  • Secure remote access to applications, desktops and servers from any device via browser
  • No installation on clients or target systems
  • A central point of administration and authorization
  • HTML5-technology Flexible, stable and highly scalable
  • Very low support effort
  • Optional integration of multi-factor authentication
  • Supports common protocols like RDP, SSH, Telnet and VNC
  • No Java, No Flash, No ActiveX, No Plugin, No Rollout

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SparkView and Fudo: functionality

Supercharged Fudo PAM

To further enhance the flexibility of the Fudo PAM, it can be combined with the secure remote access solution SparkView.

It’s that simple: Since Fudo was designed for the highly privileged access of administrators, the technology of SparkView is needed to allow ALL users to experience their familiar functions of their native client (e.g. MSTSC, Putty) via pure HTML5.
To realize BYOD-scenarios fast and simple and still guarantee for strong security, the secure remote access solution SparkView can be connected upstream. SparkView translates the HTML5 protocol into a for the Fudo PAM readable protocol, like RDP or VNC.

SparkView – the best HTML5 Remote-Desktop-Client for Fudo

SparkView works with any browser, no VPN-client has to be installed and everything runs via one server. Complex software rollouts simply lapse completely and the client support is reduced to an absolute minimum. Moreover, local printing and the integration of network drives is possible without additionally having to install a driver.

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Our happy customers

Mechanical Engineering, > 5.000 employees

In beyond SSL, we have a powerful and competent partner at our side, who supports us even in difficult situations – fast, flexibly and pragmatically.

Mechanical Engineering, > 5.000 employees

Hans Blädel, ip5 GmbH, Nuremberg

In less than an hour, my customers were able to work from their home office and beyond SSL’s support was sensational.

Hans Blädel, ip5 GmbH, Nuremberg

Thoralf Geese, SMA Solary Technology AG

Dank der Proof of Concept (PoC) Methode wurde die Software bei uns installiert und wir konnten sofort sehen, wie einfach das Programm zu handhaben ist. Das erleichterte uns die Entscheidung enorm.

Thoralf Geese, SMA Solary Technology AG

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