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We offer businesses a choice of cloud backup solutions that can encrypt and backup data offsite from Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Linux,  Mac, VMware, Hyper-V and Cloud Applications such as Office 365 & G-Suite. Our solutions meet GDPR and HIPAA compliance plus customer data is stored in ISO 27001 certified Data Centres. Whether you have a small data requirement or a big data need, we will have a solution for you.


Managing the valuable data that resides across a broad array of devices and drives has become more challenging than ever. What millions of business people are now recognizing is that the traditional systems they are using to protect, access and share their digital files are just not suited to the way they need to conduct business today. As this digital world gets larger and more complex, many small businesses will face these realities: Sooner or later all hard drives and devices fail. Every business needs a data backup and recovery plan. New technologies that provide the ability to securely backup and recover critical digital assets are now proving essential to protecting businesses of all sizes. Most industry stats show that almost half (45%) of computer users experience a data loss from computer theft, failure or disaster. For most SMB users, it’s not a question of “if” but “when”!

Increased business travel and growth in mobile technologies are driving the need for “always there” data. Small businesses need to have access to their digital assets wherever business takes them. The strong growth in mobile technologies is underscoring this trend as smartphones, netbooks and other portable communications devices are adopted by small business. Millions of small businesses are turning to economical cloud-based technologies that allow them to securely access and work with their data remotely over the network, from any location and computer. Up to now, many small businesses were faced with the prospect of bearing the added expense of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access data when it resides on another computer at home or the office. The growing power of business networks is driving a need to get information moving more efficiently between colleagues, suppliers and partners.

To stay competitive, small businesses want the same capabilities to access and share important business information in real-time, as larger enterprises enjoy today. New cloud-based solutions that enable authorized individuals to securely access and share stored files online are yielding huge productivity gains as key information that was once stranded on individual hard drives and servers becomes more accessible to colleagues as well as external partners.

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