Key Features

• Supports all browsers which supports WebSocket and Canvas: Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera; IE 10, or IE with Chrome Frame plugin.
• Html only, install nothing on client side and RDP host.
• No Java, No Flash, No ActiveX, no plugins
• Streamlined for iPad, Android tablets, Windows Surface/RT, Blackberry Playbook and smart phones.
Zero installation on BOTH client and RDP host.
• TLS (SSL over RDP) and Network Level Authentication (NLA).
• Supports Windows 8, Windows 2012 and touch remoting, turns any tablets into Windows 8 tablets.
• Connecting to Hyper-V console and “Enhanced Session Mode” from anywhere and any devices.
RD Web Access Portal integration. User can log in with his domain user name and password.
RemoteApp support. It’s the first time that you can use RemoteApp everywhere.
File share, drag in/out files with ease
RemoteFX video acceleration
Seamless clipboard redirection, supports text, image and html formats when copying between local and remote. supports all formats and file copy between RDP sessions.
Easy printing, don’t need to install drivers for client printers. Supports both PostScript and PCL printers.
• Brings sound to local or leave it on remote computer
• Supports more audio encodings. 80% less bandwidth usage (when playing audio) compared with other HTML5 solutions
• Remote audio recording.
• RDP session thumbnail and macro recording
World’s best RDP session recording and playback. Recorded in RDP stream format for auditing and monitoring purpose. Recorded file has smallest size and best quality which can be played anywhere and any devices.
World’s best RDP session shadowing with 2 join modes: Everyone can control or only one can control. Unlimited user can join and share one session, even works on XP, Windows 7, Hyper-V console and xrdp.
• Lossless bitmap compression, gives you the best quality you can get.
• Gateway side directory sharing.
World’s best client side IME support. You can use client side IME directly (Microsoft RDC doesn’t support client side IME).
• URL redirection, copy a link and open it at local.
• International keyboard support.
• Symlink allows you create a easy access link for any RDP hosts
• User and server management with OpenID and Active Directory integration, you can log in with your Google or domain user account.
• Control resource access and redirection in one place (Gateway).
• DDoS attack check and prevention.
• Supports Remote Assistance, help others from any where.
• Supports RFB(VNC), SSH and TELNET protocols too.
• Fast evolving, more features coming in.
• Spark Gateway must be installed as a middle ware between the client and RDP host

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