• RemoteSpark announced release of version 4.8.9

    RemoteSpark just release a new version which supports IP filters for TCP connection

    1. Better user interface, and user experience on mobile devices
    2. Better external keyboard handling on mobile devices
    3. IP filters (iptables) configuration on gateway.
    4. New session shadowing mode: Only one can control, but others can move mouse (setJoinMode(3)).
    5. Supports multiple cursors in session recording.
    6. SSH is 3-4 times faster.
    7. Added bgColor and fgColor parameters, writeText method,onoutput event for SSH.
    8. Wake On Lan with RDP session
    9. login.html supports HTTP Basic Authentication too.
    10. Configure recording filename on browser side too with record_name parameter
    11. Option to allow gateway accept symlink connection only: symlinkOnly=true in gateway.conf
    12. Added blur() method and onfocus event for LocalInterface
    13. Fixed file uploading dialog visible issue when clipboard redirection is disabled in servers.json.
    14. Fixed file uploading issue on iOS.
    15. Fixed incorrect format issue when copying from PowerShell ISE to local computer.

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