Q: Which browsers support HTML5 technology?
A: all modern browsers now support HTML5, incl. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE 10, or IE with Chrome Frame plugin

Q: Do I need to install anything on the client or host?
A: There is no installation required on clients or RDP hosts. You don´t need to worry about Java, Flash, ActiveX, or plugins anymore.

Q: Which target systems and protocols are supported by SparkView?
A: Most of our users (99.9%) will need RDP to connect to Windows. You can also use VNC to connect to Windows but it’s slower and has less features (no printer, sound, drive redirection etc):
Target List:
Window: RDP, VNC (Need to install VNC server first),
Linux: VNC, RDP (need to install xrdp server).
Mac OS: VNC, RDP (need to install third party RDP server).
You can use SSH or Telnet to access any OS if there is SSH, Telnet server installed in the server, they are mostly used by system administrators.

Q: Can SparkView work with existing VPN gateways ?
A: RemoteSpark easily blends in, and works perfectly well with your existing Cisco, Juniper, Checkpoint and many other SSL VPNs.

Q: Is it possible to customize SparkView, we’d like to use our own branding and layout?
A: Yes

Q: Can I print locally (printer connected to the client)?
A: SparkView supports all Postscript and PCL printers.

1. Please add any of the printers attached to your client in the field below before connecting to the remote computer.
2. In case you would like to print a document, SparkView will redirect the print job from the remote computer to your client.
3. You then may pick any of the printers attached to your client to print.

Q: Which resolution and color depth is supported by SparkView?
A: The maximum resolution supported is 4096 x 2048 (This is the limitation of RDP protocol), and Spark View supports 8, 16 and 32 bit color.
Since Windows 7, 2008, Microsoft recommend using 32 bit color instead of 24 bit color, so Spark View removed 24 bit color support (that can be added back) to reduce the file size.

Q: Can we use a simple link to contain all the information we need to make a connection along with all the parameters?
A: Yes, there are 3 ways to do this,
1. use rdpdirect.html with a link like: http://gatewayAddress/rdpdirect.html?server=myServer&user=myUser&gateway=gateway&…
2. use the JS library directly:
var r = new svGlobal.Rdp(„ws://gatewayAddress/RDP?server=myServer&user=myUser&…“). Please check installDir\example*.html and the manual fore more details.
3. preconfigure the server information on gateway side (using config.html or modify servers.json directly), on the client side, you only need to specify the server id: var r = new svGlobal.Rdp(„ws://gatewayAddress/RDP?server=serverId&mapClipboard=on&playSound=0“).

Q: Can these links be auto generated either by taking existing .rdp files or by some other method (preferably straight to one hyperlink)?
A: Both ways work: you can generate the link or the JavaScript code dynamically, or import settings from a .rdp file.

Q: Which security settings are supported?
A: Between Gateway and RDP host, RDP standard encryption (RC4) and enhanced encryption (Network Level Authentication, credSSP) will be used depending on the RDP server configuration.
Between client side browser and the gateway, you can enable SSL and communication will be protected by https and wss (WebSocket Secure Connection). You can choose to use TLSv1.1 or TLSv1.2, or disable SSLv3 on the gateway side.

Q: How does SparkView integrate with Active Directory?
A: You can import Active Directory users from config.html, or configure a domain user manually in users.json, for these domain users, SparkGateway will use Active Directory to authorize the user.
Q: How does it compare with Remote FX itself or the Remote Desktop app?
A: Spark View at the moment supports RemtoeFX for LAN only (server needs to be Windows 2008 R2). We are working on RemoteFX for WAN (server needs to be Windows 2012). Compared with Microsoft Remote Desktop Client, the performance of Spark View is very close or even better in some scenarios (like in menu navigation, Excel etc) .

Q: Is a high availability design supported?
A: You’ll need to use third party software to load balance multiple Spark Gateway. You can also use Nginx, Apache etc as a reverse proxy of Spark Gateway.

Q: Are multiple sites / servers supported?
A: Yes, one gateway can connect to multiple servers, RD farms (RD Connection Broker).

Q: Is there a development roadmap for the product?
A: We are dedicated to further develop the solution, here is our version history: