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The Challenge

Thousands of software packages are not available on the web, simply because they are not designed for it, or it makes no sense due to financial constraints.

What if you could access legacy software from the browser, without re-inventing the wheel?

Simply install your software on a windows machine or terminal server and publish it via SparkView to any device with a HTML5 enabled browser.

In a nutshell:

SparkView offers the most comprehensive remote access solution in the market today, and is based on pure HTML5 technology. The fact, that you don´t have to take care of Java, Flash, ActiveX or Plugins guarantees maximum availability and dramatically reduces helpdesk support requests.

SparkView offers an unparalleled set of features and truly supports all your BYOD requirements, without sacrificing user experience. Access desktops or applications from your browser, without the need to install any client software on your device.

Experience the offer now!

No Java, No Flash, No ActiveX, No Plugins, No Rollouts!


Internet traffic is based on websocket protocol and needs to be translated inside SparkGateway into protocols understood by the various target systems or applications (RDP, VNC, SSH or Telnet).

SparkGateway is software only (no appliance) and can be installed on a pc or vm, using Windows or Linux platforms.

Most commonly, SparkGateway is installed on-premise in the DMC or intranet, and protected by a firewall. There is no need to open any other port than 443 for establishing SSL/TLS encrypted tunnels.

Key Features

  • Access desktops or applications from any HTML5 enabled browser.
  • Easy local printing, no need to install drivers for client printers, supports both PostScript and PCL printers.
  • File share, drag in/out files with ease.
  • Seamless clipboard redirection, supports text, image and html formats when copying between local and remote, supports all formats and file copy between RDP sessions.
  • Session shadowing, jump on any user session for remote support or collaboration.
  • Session recording in RDP format for training purposes or compliance requirements.

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