Authentication solution

  • Multi Factor AuthenticationMulti Factor Authentication
  • On-premises or in your trusted cloudOn-premises or in your trusted cloud
  • Use already existing devices (smartphone, laptop)Use already existing devices (smartphone, laptop)

DoubleClue – effective protection of your digital identity against cybercrime

Businesses are frequently battling identity theft with every department of the company being affected. User names and passwords are often no longer sufficient to secure either personal or enterprise data. The two factor authentication is probably the most effective way to guarantee user identity and to protect your internal networks, websites etc. from outside attacks. Explore and trust in DoubleClue – the solution with an extra in security.

Your DoubleClue benefit – app-grade security

The security software DoubleClue simplifies the administration of identities and access rights for various applications, systems and networks. Make sure that only users with access rights can get a hold of relevant data – all originating out of a single and central point of administration. Protect your valuable data and confidential information against unauthorized access and choose out of seven different methods of authentication to verify the identity of a user. Next to user names and passwords, DoubleClue uses your pre-existing devices (your smartphone, laptop, tablet etc.) as an additional factor to ensure for a secure remote access. DoubleClue initially identifies the digital DNA of every single device before the access on business resources and applications is granted. Due to the combination of explicit digital device DNA with user name and password the highest level of security for the protection of your data and other resources is achieved. DoubleClue is implemented in just a few easy steps. No tokens or chip cards need to be handed out and no SMS services need to be installed. DoubleClue can simply be integrated into your already existing IT infrastructure, is easy to handle and offers a central point of administration for all activities.

Benefits of DoubleClue

  • Secure two-factor authentication
  • Verification of identity via digital signature
  • Full flexibility in selection of end devices
  • Self-services for users, e.g. changing passwords or activating devices
  • Centralized access control due to policies
  • Overview of user accesses
  • Highly user-friendly
  • Instant use possible

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Choose from seven different methods of authentication

Benefit from the various methods of authentication of DoubleClue with the highest level of security possible: secure QR code, transaction message, DC app passcode, hardware token, voice message, SMS passcode and password. Select which method best suits you and your company:

  • Password: the classical version – a user signs in with his user name and password.
  • SMS passcode: the known version which can be chosen in addition to the authentication with user name and password. A passcode is generated and sent via SMS to the user’s cellphone.
  • Voice message: possible in addition to the authentication with a password. A randomly generated passcode is transmitted via direct call to the landline or cell phone of the user.
  • Hardware token: the version with two devices – in addition to the authentication with a password. Users enter their password and a passcode is generated by the hardware token.
  • DoubleClue app passcode: offline is possible, too – with the DoubleClue app. Users can generate an offline passcode with the help of the DoubleClue app without connecting to the internet. Perfect when being out and about.
  • Secure QR code: the modern version. It is based on a 32-byte AES encryption. Users open their DoubleClue app and scan a QR code.
  • DoubleClue secure message: the most secure version – it is based on a PKI private key 2048 bit certificate. Users receive a push notification on their smartphone. After logging into the DoubleClue app, they can either accept or deny secure messages or transactions.
The two factor authentication for more security
The two factor authentication is a safe method to confirm the identity of a user. Therefore, a combination of two different components is used. A good example is the payment with a credit card. Only the correct combination of a credit card (something that is owned by the user) and a PIN (something that is known by the user) allows for a successful transaction. SMS, one time passwords (OTP) and tokens are the most commonly used technologies to achieve a two factor authentication. Unfortunately, increased costs for logistics and roll outs go along with these technologies and they take a lot of time for implementation and maintenance. Additionally, the user acceptance often poses a problem since the solutions are cumbersome to handle.
Free test version of DoubleClue – optimum support
Try DoubleClue for free – the support team of beyond SSL supports you with the seamless integration of the tool and is happy to help you with any other issue or question. It is important to us to professionally support you from the beginning to the end and to make sure that your company can benefit from our products and services on a long term basis.

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