Partner: Pulse Secure

A strong partnership

Since November 2019, beyond SSL and Pulse Secure have joined their knowledge in a technology partnership. The collaboration for secure remote access to systems, data and applications and the use of SparkView has evolved beyond the previously possible solutions. SparkView has been preinstalled on Pulse Connect Secure (version V9.1R11) under the name “Advanced HTML5” since February 2021 and can be used cost-free by up to two users. Regardless of whether the customer opts for an appliance or a virtual PCS, SparkView is always available as an HTML5 access solution. Pulse Connect Secure provides the easiest and fastest way to ensure that employees who work from home stay productive by enabling secure remote and mobile access from any device to company services and applications in the data center and in the cloud.

Pulse Connect Secure offers you:

  • Fast, secure and optimized access to applications in the data center and cloud services with a simple and consistent appearance on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
  • Simplified management of network access through a central web-based console, clientless use and integration of mobile platforms for BYOD.
  • Fast activation and scaling without the need for hardware or a client; runs in virtual, Azure, AWS and Alibaba cloud environments.