ZTNA and Remote Security Access with SparkView

A simple and secure way to connect untrusted devices to your desktops and applications. The ZTNA solution with no installation on the client provides secure remote access from any device with a browser. All via HTML5 technology.
The solution for remote office / mobile work and home office.

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beyond SSL - ZTNA and Remote Security Access with SparkView beyond SSL - ZTNA and Remote Security Access with SparkView

Best web RDP client - advantages of SparkView

ZTNA compliant remote access to applications, desktops and servers

Access from any device with browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari, etc.)

No installation on clients or the target systems

One central point for administration, security and authorization

HTML5 technology

Flexible, stable and scalable

Low support and management overhead

Supports common protocols such as RDP, SSH, Telnet, VNC and HTTP(S)

No Java, no Flash, no ActiveX, no plugin, no rollout

Security management at the highest level through Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).

As a remote work solution, the perfect alternative to Microsoft RDP, TeamViewer, AnyDesk and other tools.

Uses highly secure connections over the Internet to all endpoints (computers, desktops, applications, servers).

Optimal alternative to Apache Guacamole – SparkView for daily business

Safety and simplicity in daily use: SparkView offers convenient usage and editing options, always following the ZTNA concept. Smooth and powerful performance, drag & drop, clipboard redirection, multi-monitor and printer sharing are included in all versions, just to name a few advantages.

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SparkView - ein einziger Punkt der Verwaltung und Berechtigung, SSL oder TLS verschlüsselte Tunnel und optionale Integration von Multi-Faktor-Authentifizierungslösungen

Remote working at the highest level – seamless integration into existing workflows

SparkView offers an incredible amount of possibilities and is so simple and safe to use. You can interact with other people, companies and networks, for example during presentations and webinars. It's always possible to invite people to a session and share the screen. You decide how much influence each participant can have.

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Zero Trust finally accessible – safety as the most important factor

A central point of administration, SSL/TLS encrypted connections plus optional integration of multi-factor authentication solutions take the security of this ZTNA solution to a new level: your business is protected from outside intrusion. Other benefits: No installation is required on endpoints. This is sensible security on a new level. SparkView is 100% secured after installation and can then be extended and opened step by step through individual adjustments.

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Remote working with zero trust - that's what I want too!

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Use SparkView for free privately or in your company and secure yourself with the ZTNA concept.
Use the secure connection to desktops, computers, servers and applications over the Internet as an alternative to Microsoft RDP or tools like TeamViewer and AnyDesk.

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Here's how remote access works with SparkView

SparkView Gateway is installed like middleware (on VM, appliance, internal cloud or via container) within the internal network or DMZ. Servers, desktops and applications can then be defined as targets and accessed via RDP, VNC, SSH, Telnet and HTTP(S). Users can be set up directly in the gateway, but existing directory services such as RADIUS, LDAP or Active Directory can also be connected. Additional installations, for example on end devices or target systems, are not required at any time. The end device never becomes part of the target network and never receives data from it, unless this is explicitly allowed - this is real ZTNA!

Optimal integration into your existing environment

SparkView can be easily implemented into your existing security environment. Quick start guides already exist for some vendors such as Fortinet, Check Point, PulseSecure, F5, Hillstone, Ivanti, Securepoint, Fudo, pfSense and Sophos, with more to come. Thanks to our fast and straightforward configurations, you can integrate SparkView with maximum compatibility with almost any vendor. User connection through existing methods such as LDAP and RADIUS is also possible without any problems.

Hardware authentication for added security

With SparkView, you can authenticate yourself using hardware authentication options such as tokens, keys or smart cards from well-known manufacturers such as GoTrust, Swissbit or Yubico, adding an extra layer of security!

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2 concurrent connections
RDP audio redirection
Clipboard redirection
RDP multi monitor
RDP printer redirection
Wake on LAN (WoL)
Network Level Authentication (NLA)
Professional For SMEs and institutions $60 /year and concurrent connection
1+ concurrent connections
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All free features, plus
1+ concurrent connections
Active Directory/LDAP/Radius
RDP RemoteApp
RDP microphone redirection
RDP camera redirection
RDP drive redirection
RDP scanner redirection
RDP smart card redirection
RDP USB redirection
HTTP Proxy
Session Shadowing
Two-factor authentication
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Enterprise For highly scalable solutions $96 /year and concurrent connection
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All Professional features, plus
Burst license
RDP Hyper-V console
Monitoring dashboard
Session Recording
VMWare Console
RDP Native Shadowing/Remote Assistant
SMB2 File Proxy

Highlights of the SparkView client solution

TLS security

SSL over RDP and network level authentication (NLA). Secure remote access and sharing of information over the local network and the Internet.

Simple local printing

No need to install drivers for client printers, supports both PostScript and PCL printers

File sharing

Drag files in / out easily. Easily handle and manage data in your system across multiple desktops, servers and computers. The perfect alternative to native Microsoft services and TeamViewer.

Seamless clipboard redirection

Supports text, image and HTML formats when copying between local and remote, supports all formats and file copy between RDP sessions

Extended session mode

Connect to the Hyper-V console and "advanced session mode" from anywhere and any device connected to the Internet. Whether desktop computer, tablet or mobile.

RD Web Access Portal Integration

The user can log in over the network with his domain username and password. Secure remote access with easy login.


SSH and Telnet support. Support for native Microsoft protocols for optimal security management.


Easy integration with existing firewalls and SSL VPNs.

Case Studies

SparkView in daily use by companies of various sizes as an alternative to Micorsoft solutions and TeamViewer.
You too can use SparkView to securely access your system, cloud, computers, or desktops and applications.

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