Secure remote access solution

  • Pure HTML5 technologyPure HTML5 technology
  • No Java, No Flash, No ActiveX, No PluginsNo Java, No Flash, No ActiveX, No Plugin
  • No installation on client and no roll-out costsNo installation on client and no roll-out costs

SparkView HTML5 – the remote access solution

The fusion of BYOD strategies and traditional remote access solutions can pose a great hurdle for IT, administration and support, since many diverse platforms and a variety of devices can frequently be found within a company. Traditional providers try to counteract with various different apps and clients. However, the roll-out, updates and the administration of these solutions is often very time-consuming and expensive.

SparkView was developed by RemoteSpark, a pioneer in the world of HTML5. It is a smart and easy remote access solution that reduces complexity, allows your employees to work effectively and, therefore, helps to better position your company within the market in the long run. The secure remote access solution works with every browser, no VPN client needs to be installed and works using a server installed in the DMZ. It is also scalable for a great number of users (>10,000). Access your VMs, desktops, servers or applications anytime and from anywhere.

Benefits of SparkView

  • Secure remote access to applications, desktops and servers from any device via browser
  • No installation on clients or target systems
  • A central point of administration and authorization
  • HTML5-technology
  • Flexible, stable and highly scalable
  • Very low support effort
  • Optional integration of multi-factor authentication
  • Supports common protocols like RDP, SSH, Telnet and VNC
  • No Java, No Flash, No ActiveX, No Plugin, No Rollout
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SMA Solar Technology AG and SparkView

SMA helps you save up to 80% of your energy bill with solar power.

We help our clients to save up to 80% of their remote access costs by using SparkView. Check it out…

Our remote access solution – safe and secure for your company

The tool offers a huge number of features and is very easy to handle. With SparkView, you can access desktops, servers, apps and even legacy applications. It is possible to invite users to a session and share your screen with them. Moreover, the remote access solution SparkView offers you the possibility to allow external service providers to access specific resources – guaranteeing a smooth workflow for all parties. At the same time security is an important factor, especially for businesses and organizations: a single point of administration, SSL or TLS encrypted tunnels in addition to the optional integration of multi-factor authentication solutions are raising the security of this remote access solution to a whole new level. Your company is protected from outside attacks.

SparkView – your all-inclusive package

If you purchase our “all-inclusive package“, you’ll receive all necessary licenses, support and relevant updates all at once. Benefit from tax advantages due to the lease of SparkView – an instant deduction of business expenses is given. Since we delivered this remote access solution to our first customers, hundreds of companies and organizations have been working with us for years. It is our goal to continuously offer highly modern and cost-effective remote access solutions and to constantly optimize them.

Support during and after the installation of SparkView by beyond SSL

Right from the start we help you with the seamless integration of SparkView into your IT environment. We offer you a highly professional support during and after the installation due to your own personal contacts. Thanks to the proof of concept (PoC) method, you will not only receive a demo but will be able to experience SparkView in your own enterprise infrastructure, actually going live. SparkView can be installed within 30 minutes, so you can use the software right away, without a high expense or latency.

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    Our happy customers

    Mechanical Engineering, > 5.000 employees

    In beyond SSL, we have a powerful and competent partner at our side, who supports us even in difficult situations – fast, flexibly and pragmatically.

    Mechanical Engineering, > 5.000 employees

    Hans Blädel, ip5 GmbH, Nuremberg

    In less than an hour, my customers were able to work from their home office and beyond SSL’s support was sensational.

    Hans Blädel, ip5 GmbH, Nuremberg

    Thoralf Geese, SMA Solary Technology AG

    Dank der Proof of Concept (PoC) Methode wurde die Software bei uns installiert und wir konnten sofort sehen, wie einfach das Programm zu handhaben ist. Das erleichterte uns die Entscheidung enorm.

    Thoralf Geese, SMA Solary Technology AG