Simple, secure, fast: ChromeOS and SparkView.

ChromeOS is the fast and secure operating system for Chromebooks that has proven itself for both private users and companies. Together with SparkView, you can access all systems, apps and desktops in the company network directly from the Chromebook - while your data remains in the company.

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beyond SSL - Simple, secure, fast: ChromeOS and SparkView.

Why ChromeOS for me or my business?

Chromebooks and ChromeOS are simple, secure, fast and affordable. A new Chromebook can be set up in no time and thanks to security features such as integrated virus protection and secure multi-user support, all data on Chromebooks is always optimally protected. Chromebooks start up within seconds and receive automatic updates. So you're always up to date - without any annoying interruptions.

Sounds interesting!

ChromeOS with superpower: thanks to SparkView

SparkView lets you get even more out of your Chromebooks! SparkView is easy to use via the browser or as an app (PWA) and gives your Chromebook superpowers: you get secure and fast access to internal company apps, desktops and servers directly in your browser. Even legacy applications can be easily accessed via SparkView and used from anywhere.
And best of all: no data leaves the company!

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Areas of use

Google ChromeOS and SparkView are versatile and flexible.
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Always have secure access to the data you need from your home office or on the move - without a VPN!


Learn, provide and manage - from anywhere. Designed for pupils, students and teachers.


Chromebook and SparkView for easy, secure working and browsing from anywhere in the world.


Administration made easy. Access sensitive data on the move or from your home office.

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