News and reports from the corporate world of beyond SSL and the IT security sector.

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20. October 2022

The future:workspace for public administrations

beyond SSL with the future:workspace at KommDIGITALE in Bielefeld. Read more in our current press release.

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05. October 2022

Technology alliance with F5 renewed

Same solution, same benefits: beyond SSL renewed their technology alliance with F5. Read more in our latest press release.

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21. September 2022

Joint Forces at it-sa 2022

beyond SSL, Filecloud and ONLYOFFICE share their knowledge at booth 7A-125. Read more in our latest press release.

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06. September 2022

beyond SSL and Hillstone form technology alliance

SparkView from beyond SSL delivers high-performance clientless remote access for Hillstone NGFW. Read more in our latest press release.

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04. May 2022

beyond SSL at Accelerate 2022

beyond SSL and Fortinet – strong partners when it comes to secure remote access! Expand your remote work and cybersecurity horizons and visit Fortinet Accelerate 2022 online from 11.05. to 13.05.2022. Meet us and other renowned exhibitors at the digital event. For more info on us as an exhibitor, visit

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13. December 2021

Log4J exploit

SparkView Red alert due to Log4J – all-clear for SparkView users. The Security Community urgently warns of a security gap if the Log4J framework is used on servers. Attacks were increasingly registered and the danger of infiltration of malware is classified as very threatening. SparkView users can rest assured that this Java component is not… Continue reading Log4J exploit

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29. November 2021

Home office – traditional or innovative?

That depends essentially on whether the topic is approached “as usual” (expensive notebooks, complex software, a lot of effort) or innovatively, quickly, easily and inexpensively! If you would like to know why many well-known manufacturers such as F5, Pulse Secure, Fortinet and others work with us in the area of ​​clientless remote access, then take… Continue reading Home office – traditional or innovative?

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06. May 2021

SendQuick has partnered with Beyond SSL

Singapore, 12 Apr 2021 – sendQuick has partnered with Beyond SSL, a Europe-based IT solutions company, to bring sendQuick ConeXa to clients in Europe, LATAM and Middle East. sendQuick ConeXa is an Authentication and Authorization messaging appliance solution. It the ideal solution for companies seeking low-cost and seamless 2FA implementation. It comes built-in with a server… Continue reading SendQuick has partnered with Beyond SSL

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02. March 2021

Control Group and beyond SSL

We welcome Control Group Spain to our reseller network! Great job implementing Sage Software on Azure, with SparkView as the secure remote access solution. Looking forward to working with Alex and his team!

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30. June 2020

Remote Access for Microsoft Azure

Secure Access to your Azure Environment with SparkView. One central point of administration and authentication. No installation on the clients or the target system due to HTML5 technology.   Free Trial

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23. March 2020

High demand for SparkView ICE!

More than twenty companies already deployed SparkView ICE in the last ten days. Hundreds of employees are now able to work from home and stay productive. SparkView ICE is available until Sept. 30th 2020. Get your free copy here: Read what users have to say: „Thanks to the excellent support from beyond SSL, my… Continue reading High demand for SparkView ICE!

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18. March 2020

Global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic

After initially encouraging its employees in San Francisco, Seattle and Dublin, Ireland to work remotely, the search engine giant has now extended this request to all employees in North America, as well as employees in its German offices.

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16. March 2020

Exhibitions and events are cancelled, but there are webinars!

In a series of webinars, we show how you can set up any number of home office workplaces for your employees in 60 minutes without having to change your usual infrastructure. And until September 30th, the software is also available for free!

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13. March 2020

Remote Access for free!

Schools and daycare centers in Bavaria and Saarland are now also closing. This is probably just the beginning. We can only renew our offer for the free version of SparkView. Here is the link to the press release:

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15. October 2019

Thanks for making it-sa 2019 a great success!

Next to our fantastic solutions SparkView and FileCloud we presented during the show, I´m sure you also remember our innovative 3D display technology. Stay tuned for more news from beyond SSL!

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