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Organizations today face many technical challenges, whether it's storing customer data securely and in a privacy-compliant manner, merging BYOD strategies with traditional remote access solutions, or maintaining a stream of readily available information. At beyond SSL, we guide you through these challenges and provide solutions that address these pain points and more. Together, we make your business more secure and efficient.

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Zero Trust Network Access
ZTNA further thought:
  • ZTRA - Zero Trust Remote Access
  • Maximum security for your networks
  • Even easier and more affordable with SparkView

SparkView for medium-sized businesses

Enable remote access quickly and securely
Your benefits:
  • No complex VPN
  • Uncomplicated, scalable as required
  • Fits easily into existing infrastructures

SparkView for the home office

Safe for home office and mobile work
Your benefits:
  • Works with any device with a browser
  • Adopts existing security settings
  • Usually ready for use after 60 minutes

SparkView for Fudo

Next Level PAM: Fudo and SparkView
Your benefits:
  • No installation on clients or the target systems
  • One central point for administration and authorization
  • Supports common protocols such as RDP, SSH, Telnet and VNC

SparkView Appliance

Remote access via pre-installed appliance with SparkView
Your benefits:
  • Enabled for up to 500 concurrent connections
  • Individually configurable, Linux and SparkView pre-installed
  • 1 TB HDD - enough space for session recordings and file transfer

SparkView Container

Ready to go right out of the box: Remote access to applications and systems
Your benefits:
  • Ready to use in seconds
  • Highly scalable and resilient (> 10,000 users)
  • Usable on all container hosts

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