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Universal Connectivity

SparkView utilizes HTML5 technology for remote access from any device with a browser. Access your VMs, desktops, servers or applications without client software roll-out.

One single point of administration and authorization, SSL or TLS encrypted tunnels plus the optional integration of multi-factor authentication solutions take remote access security to a new level!


The Challenge

Bringing BYOD strategies and traditional remote access solutions together can become a major problem for IT, administration and support. There are many different platforms and a growing number of different devices.

Traditional solutions tackle this problem by offering a vast number of tailored apps, trying to cover most of the available platforms out there. Deployment, update and administration of such solutions can be painful and costly.

HTML5 Platform Standards

HTML5 based remote access solutions perfectly support BYOD, because:

  • all modern browsers now support HTML5, incl. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE 10, or IE with Chrome Frame plugin
  • no Java, no Flash, no ActiveX handling issues, no plugins
  • no installation on client and RDP host
  • no roll-out costs

Why SparkView?

SparkView was developed by RemoteSpark, a pioneer in the HTML5 space. Since we delivered the first client, hundreds of companies and organizations globally work with us for years already. Our goal is to constantly deliver state of the art and cost effective remote access solutions. Please ask for our list of reference customers.


SparkGateway is the middle ware between the client and RDP host. SparkGateway is a Web-Socket server and HTTP server, used to forward multiple client connections to multiple RDP hosts, also includes user, computer and session management, Gateway side directories sharing etc. With SparkGateway, you can easily connect to the computers which are behind the firewall.

SparkView – client solution highlights

  • TLS security (SSL over RDP) and Network Level Authentication (NLA)
  • Easy local printing, no need to install drivers for client printers, supports both PostScript and PCL printers
  • File share, drag in/out files with ease
  • Seamless clipboard redirection, supports text, image and html formats when copying between local and remote, supports all
  • formats and file copy between RDP sessions
  • Connecting to Hyper-V console and „Enhanced Session Mode“ from anywhere and any device
  • RD Web Access Portal integration, User can log in with his domain user name and password
  • SSH, TELNET support, etc.

… and many more features

SparkView and other SSL VPNs

SparkView easily blends in, and works perfectly well with your existing F5, Cisco, Juniper, Check-point and many other SSL VPNs.

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