beyond SSL and Labyrinth: more security for your company

beyond SSL and Polish cybersecurity company Labyrinth Security Solutions have created an alliance of their “SparkView” and “Deception Platform” technologies to provide even more security for your business.

Labyrinth Deception Platform changes an attack surface providing adversaries with an illusion of real infrastructure vulnerabilities. Each part of the imitated environment reproduces the services and content of a real network segment. The solution is based on Points – smart imitation hosts that mimic special software services, content, routers, devices, etc. Points detect all malicious activities inside a corporate network providing comprehensive coverage of all the possible attack vectors.

SparkView provides an easy and secure way to connect untrusted devices to your desktops and applications. The ZTNA solution, with no installation on the client, provides secure remote access from any device with a browser. All via HTML5 technology. The optimal solution for remote office / mobile work and home office.

Together, SparkView and Deception Platform create a network world of security and transparency so you can focus on what matters most: Your business.

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