beyond SSL Wins Ivanti’s 2023 Technology Alliance Growth Excellence Award

As part of the 2023 Technology Alliance Partner Awards, Ivanti honors partners for their significant contributions to customers and remarkable business impact.

[Dallas, TX] — Tuesday, April 9 – Ivanti, the tech company that breaks down barriers between IT and security so that Everywhere Work can thrive, named beyond SSL a recipient of the Technology Alliance Growth Excellence Award in Ivanti’s 2023 Technology Alliance Partner Awards, which honors Ivanti’s top-performing partners — recognizing their significant contributions to customers and remarkable business impact.

“In 2023, we forged strong partnerships by locking arms with our partners that have yielded noteworthy achievements on a global scale. We are excited to recognize our partners for their unparalleled hard work and vital contributions to Ivanti and its customers,” said Ram Motipally, VP of Partnerships and Business Development at Ivanti. “We are grateful for the investment, loyalty and partnership, and look forward to celebrating more successes together in 2024.”

“We at beyond SSL are very pleased to receive this reward and appreciate the close cooperation with the entire Ivanti team,” said Siegfried Plommer, Managing Director at beyond SSL. “We look forward to further improving secure remote access for the benefit of our mutual customers. This recognition not only highlights our joint efforts but also strengthens our commitment to delivering innovative solutions in the cybersecurity landscape.”

“In my role as Chief Product Officer at Ivanti, I am honored to present beyondSSL with the Tech Alliance Growth Excellence Award. Their innovative solutions play a crucial role in realizing Ivanti’s vision of Enabling Everywhere Work through their clientless HTML5-based remote access technology,” said Dr. Srinivas Mukkamala, Chief Product Officer at Ivanti. “Our partnership empowers organizations to go beyond conventional boundaries and embrace a future where remote work is just as secure and efficient as on-site operations. This recognition celebrates the invaluable partnership that drives our shared mission forward.”

The Technology Alliance Partner Awards recognize Ivanti partners’ incredible contributions across various categories such as innovation, growth, focus area and overall excellence.