New! SparkView 6.3

The time has come, the new SparkView Release 6.3 is now available! We have been able to gather a lot of feedback and suggestions from you and can now proudly announce some new features and improvements:

Modern user interface
The new version of SparkView comes with significant new features. The user interface has been given a facelift, giving the entire UI a modern and customisable layout. To make customising the user interface as easy as possible for our customers, our Customizer is available at

Increased security
Full Kerberos support with smart card Kerberos authentication has also been implemented for Windows and macOS.
Remote Credential Guard helps protect credentials over a remote desktop connection (RDP) by sending Kerberos requests back to the device requesting the connection. If the target device is compromised, the data is not exposed because both the credentials and the credential derivations are never forwarded over the network to the target device. Remote Credential Guard also enables single sign-on for remote desktop sessions.

Connection to any system
SparkView can now also address target systems that cannot be reached on the network. What does this mean in detail? Previously, the target systems to be accessed via SparkView had to be directly accessible from the SparkView server. As of version 6.3, SparkView now provides a reverse agent that connects to the SparkView server and thus enables access to this system. The classic application for this is normally remote support, but this functionality also opens up the possibility of using SparkView as a SaaS solution.

For all customers with a currently valid SparkView subscription, the update is of course free of charge!

Use the new SparkView version now