Powerful hybrid work with Cloudbrink

Cloudbrink, a software-only solution, accelerates access to SaaS, UCaaS or data center apps by up to 30 times, so that mobile and remote employees in every corner of the world have a high-performance and consistent connection to their company. State-of-the-art security features ensure highly resilient connectivity, even in the event of AI-driven attacks.

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Fast, secure and all in one place


Latencies are reduced by up to 30 times without additional hardware. No more problems with video conferencing, smooth and consistent control of applications and minimized download and upload times enable maximum productivity and employee satisfaction. Workflows and processes remain uninterrupted, giving your company the pace it needs.


Whether SaaS, UCaaS, on-premises apps or multi-cloud environments. Cloudbrink provides a single point of entry for all your company resources, accelerated and secure. The software-only approach and simplified management make integration, administration and use a breeze.


Instead of repeatedly plugging holes, as is the case with conventional solutions, Cloudbrink relies on integrated security. This consists of state-of-the-art approaches such as Automated Moving Target Defense and mTLS 1.3. Even AI-driven attacks find it difficult to find a target, because with Cloudbrink you are always on the move.

Quality of Experience

Cloudbrink improves the quality of experience to boost the performance of employees and companies. Negative emotions such as anger and anxiety resulting from frustration disrupt concentration and quality of work. Cloudbrink offers a remote workplace solution with low latency and no frustration. Cloudbrink's QoX ensures high performance for all applications, data and unified communications, reducing frustration and improving productivity across the board.

Time for a new level of performance!

Brink App

  • User & Device Authentication
  • Device Posture Monitoring
  • Deny All Firewall
  • AI-controlled connection management
  • Automated Moving Target Defense
  • Rotating certificates
  • mTLS 1.3
  • All resources in one place

Brink FAST Edge

  • Shortens the last mile to a minimum
  • Use of hundreds of virtual PoPs
  • High-Performance Package-Management
  • Accelerates connection by up to 30x
  • Efficient avoidance of jitter
  • mTLS 1.3

Brink Connector

  • Seamless integration of data center and on-prem resources via overlay network
  • Secure end-to-end connection via dark network technology
  • mTLS 1.3
  • SaaS and UCaaS do not require a connector and can be connected directly

Acceleration - how does it work?

To achieve up to 30 times lower latencies without hardware and to avoid jitter altogether, Cloudbrink uses its innovative protocol and KITechnology to avoid even the smallest packet loss. If something does go wrong, Cloudbrink uses state-of-the-art recovery methods to prevent packets from being lost or resent. These mechanisms are placed in close proximity to the user by a large number of virtual PoPs to turn the last mile into the last meter. This brings the enterprise-grade network right to the user's doorstep, wrapped in an AI-resilient security environment.

More security

Cloudbrink's HAaaS is a powerful Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution with dark network/black cloud cloaking to block network-level threats such as denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks, brute force attacks, port scanning, server vulnerabilities and lateral movement attacks such as Structured Query Language (SQL) injection or cross-site scripting (XSS).

Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD)

As cyber threats continue to advance, AMTD is proving to be a critical defense strategy against AI-generated attacks. Cloudbrink's innovative approach allows organizations to operate securely without fear of latency or jitter issues, while remaining resilient in the midst of cyber threats. By constantly, proactively transforming the attack surface and implementing cutting-edge security measures, AMTD ensures a safer digital future.

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